Charity Work in Madagascar

We converted the children’s home in Tamatave into a day care centre. We provide free elementary education and Afterschool tutoring, along with stationery, school supplies, shower necessities, free lunch and dinner. Moreover, we train and follow up with the children on their personal hygiene.

This service assists parents in taking care of their children’s daily needs in order to lessen their burden. But at the same time, the parents will not overly rely on us. This service benefits more children, from serving ten plus orphans through the children’s home service to serving 33 children through the day care centre service at present. We estimated a capacity of 80 children will be served in the future.

Among the 33 children, five of them are orphans and the rest are from single-parent families.

Positive outcomes: Two sisters who had poor personal hygiene conditions like bad body odor, fleas on the head when they were interviewed have great improvement. Not only on their appearance, the younger sister is doing much better in school now.