Education Sponsorship

Light and Love Home collaborates with schools and communities to sponsor the education of certain individuals. In particular, this program supports elementary and high school students who cannot otherwise afford the costs of going to school. The sponsorship covers such expenses as tuition fees, textbooks, stationery, and school uniforms.

Stories from the field

Philippines 2014: Light and Love Brought Hope & Joy to the Needy

Through different charity programs, Light and Love has changed many lives in the Philippines. Sponsorship Program gives hope to students who couldn’t afford post secondary studies. Living Enhancement Program helps the poor to start a business or enable farmers to buy fertilisers and seeds. Together, we can bless more.

Philippines 2018 – Expansion of recreation centre & programs blessed more youths

Having expanded our recreation centre, Light and Love blessed more youths by organizing various activities and leadership programs to assist the whole person development of children and youths, achieving desirable spiritual, mental and physical health.

Zambia 2017: Story of Moses and Chalubemba school

Hear the story of Mr. Moses Lungu, the principal of Chalumemba School, how he struggled amid poverty and neglect while striving for his dream, how he succeeded and in turn helps his students who face the same struggles as he did. With Light and Love Home’s financial support, teachers receive stable salary and students are provided with free meal once a week.

Madagascar 2017: Our Fruit after 20 Years of serving, & Our Outlook for Expansion

After 20 years of charity services in Madagascar, we are looking forward to helping even more people in the future.

Education Sponsorship Beneficiaries – Fiji

It’s amazing what a difference we made to people on the other side of the world! Please visit for more information.

Education Programs – Cape Town, South Africa

See how our programs help the children beyond just their English and Math. Please visit for more information.

Stories of our beneficiaries

Read the touching stories of our beneficiaries 

Jun Lester


October 9, 2020
Jun Lester was in grade 7 when he first joined Light and Love Home programs in the Philippines. Like many...

News & Updates

Charity Work in Madagascar


June 3, 2015
We converted the children’s home in Tamatave into a day care centre. We provide free elementary education and Afterschool tutoring,...