After-school Tutoring and Activities

Residing in slum areas that lack recreational facilities and having parents who are occupied by work, school aged children and youths could wander on the streets and could be negatively influenced by others. However, our recreational programs reduce such chances by engaging them in proper activities and helping them to develop their interests. In addition, tutoring helps them to tackle academic challenges and do better in school.

News & Updates

Fiji After School Program August 2022

Fiji Islands

August 29, 2022
Students are back to school as the pandemics is gradually under control in Fiji. Our local coworkers and overseas mission...

Learning Centre in Serdang Sri Kembangan, Malaysia

Private: Malaysia

November 1, 2016
Volunteers from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Vancouver visited Pakistani refugees temporarily staying in Malaysia. As the refugees do not...

After-school Program in MP, India


October 4, 2016
The after-school program in MP, India has officially started. Children there lack daily necessities. LLH’s activities and classes have become...

Charity Work in Madagascar


June 3, 2015
We converted the children’s home in Tamatave into a day care centre. We provide free elementary education and Afterschool tutoring,...