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Light & Love Fundraiser 2023

Join us to raise funds and raise public awareness of the poor in developing countries.
Enjoy the fruit of your actions and bless others at the same time.

Support the School Building Project in Zambia

Join us to raise funds for Zambia.

Light & Love Fundraiser 2021

Join us to raise funds and raise public awareness of the poor in developing countries.
Enjoy the fruit of your actions and bless others at the same time.

We do more than
providing for people’s needs. 

Our programs enable students to finish their studies, and empower individuals to acquire skills and the means to make their own living. Once they are back on their feet, they can also help others like how they have been helped.

what we do

Sustainable services to meet the needs

We establish long-term partnerships with local communities to provide reliable and cost-effective services that target the needs of their individual communities.

Children's Home

To meet the needs of the community, we set up and sponsor Children’s Homes, aiming to help orphans, single-parents and children in extreme poverty. We provide for their daily necessities and access to education, until they reach adulthood, or when their own families become capable of taking care of them.

Education Sponsorship

Light and Love Home collaborates with schools and communities to provide education sponsorship for elementary and high school students in financial needs. According to the needs, subsidies may cover expenses on tuition fees, textbooks, school uniforms, etc.


Light and Love Home operates two schools that
provide completely free education, including tuition, textbooks, stationery and school uniform. We aim to provide students in poverty with basic education at elementary and junior high school levels.

Living Enhancement Program

Interest-free loans help needy families to generate stable income and thus alleviate poverty. Past beneficiaries have used this loan for farming, raising livestock, starting a small business, and purchasing tools and vehicles.

our efforts

What we do and how we do it

We work with affiliated organizations around the world to gather resources, visit developing countries, help the poor, care for orphans, and support education.  We maintain close communication, raise funds, and organize volunteer teams to make site visits regularly. 

Projects Funded


People Served


Locations Aided


Administration Fee Charged


Responding to COVID-19 around the world

We provided basic necessities to families in need, who were hit the hardest by this pandemic.  

our beneficiaries

Individuals changed for the better

Read about our successes in transforming lives!

We bring more than relief to children and families;
through our programs, they find hope and courage to dream for a bright future!

Jun Lester


October 9, 2020
Jun Lester was in grade 7 when he first joined Light and Love Home programs in the Philippines. Like many...



June 21, 2017
Meszose is a 17-year-old girl, whose mother died when she was born and whose father died when she was 7....

Shiena Mae M. Bulatao


June 14, 2017
I am Shiena Mae M. Bulatao, 19 years old from Philippines. I’m a 4th year college student studying Bachelor of...

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