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Stories from the field

Properly built and installed latrines, along with hygiene education, can improve health for a whole community. This is an unusual, yet practical and truly meaningful gift.

Education Programs – Cape Town, South Africa

See how our programs help the children beyond just their English and Math. Please visit for more information.

Christmas in Cape Town

A brief but heartwarming song of celebration by African children in Cape Town on Christmas day. Please visit for more information.

Community Services in Cape Town

An introduction to our community services in Cape Town, South Africa This is only a promotional video, visit for the full version or more info.

News & Updates

March 29, 2023
At the same time, Light and Love Home also organized an empowerment program for men to learn construction and mechanical...

March 29, 2023
Light and Love Home resumed its empowerment program for women at the end of February. This time, the women are...

Thrift Shop

October 15, 2017
South Africa is the second stop in our African trip. Volunteers from different countries and regions enriched the inventory of...

Children Day Care Centre

September 30, 2015
The day-care centre project subsidized by LLH is progressing well. The teachers of the centre have expressed their gratitude towards...