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Properly built and installed latrines, along with hygiene education, can improve health for a whole community. This is an unusual, yet practical and truly meaningful gift.

A Brief History of the Children’s Home in Nepal 2014

A brief history of Light and Love Home’s children’s home in Nepal

Please Listen to My Story – Nepal

Each child in the Children’s Home had their own story. Listen with your heart, and see their changes after meeting us! Please visit for more information.

Education Sponsorship Beneficiaries – Nepal

Please visit for more information. Hear their stories and see their hope. Light and Love Home’s (Love Light Society in Nepal) Educational Scholarship programs have supported many students in Nepal. After my school level, there was no one to give me scholarship, because the scholarship was only for high school, and in college, there was no one to help me. I just became worried. My mother was also very sad, and I think she was more sad than me because we cannot afford even a small amount of money. Due to this scholarship program, now I can study for a higher level. Now I think that I am coming very near to my aims. I really thank this Love Light Society that it has helped me for my studies and my further aims. After my dad stopped supporting my education, I used to be stressed. I worried if I can complete my study or not. After that I heard news from my uncle that Love Light Society has a scholarship program for high school for higher study. I felt very happy that now my problem is solved and now I can continue in my study. This scholarship not only improved my study, but also now we are very happy in our family. The situation is very different than before. Before we used to cry, but now we can laugh and we can share with each other our happiness. We can now study very well without being stressed.

Stories of our beneficiaries

Read the touching stories of our beneficiaries 

Martha Budha


June 9, 2017
Martha’s family was affected by the internal conflict between Maoist and Government. As a result, the family has to displaced...

Punam Magar


June 9, 2017
Punam lost her father when he went to work in India when she was very young. After the death of...

Manu Lama


June 8, 2017
Manu’s mother died due to cancer. Her father is drunkard and did not take responsibility to care for his children,...

Bishwajit Karki


May 30, 2017
As I was young, I went through many challenges in my family. It was hard for me to be happy,...

Arpana Gurung


June 8, 2016
When Arpana was about 2 and a half years old, her mother abandoned her and her elder brother. Five days...

Arpana Karki


June 8, 2016
I was interested in studies and I got good marks in my exam results as well.But after my 12th grade...

News & Updates

May 7, 2024
We had a recent conversation with Shanta Bhandari, the President of Love Light Society Children’s Home. To all the children,...

Children’s Home

November 1, 2016
The Children’s Home celebrated its 10th anniversary during the team’s visit. We thank God for His grace and blessing, and...

Children’s Home

October 30, 2016
The “Mama” and the “Big Sisters” at the Children’s Home in Nepal are trying hard to learn baking. Not only...

Children’s Home

August 13, 2015
The massive earthquakes in Nepal came as a shock to the world. The numerous death and injuries and the destruction...