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Properly built and installed latrines, along with hygiene education, can improve health for a whole community. This is an unusual, yet practical and truly meaningful gift.

Light & Love School Sponsorship Program: Zambia Chalubemba Combined School

In Zambia, the school that is sponsored by Light and Love Home, Chalubemba, has expanded from previously a little more than 200 students to now more than 600 students. The grades also expanded from primary school to also include high school grades. The school is trying their best to make different facilities available, such as space for activities and resources for simple games; and they are hoping that friends all over the world can also contribute to support them in building a new school ground, so that they can serve more of the needy students in this area. Help those in need by donating today with zero administration fees! All proceeds go to supporting school building project in Zambia. Donation Link:

Zambia 2017: Story of Moses and Chalubemba school

Hear the story of Mr. Moses Lungu, the principal of Chalumemba School, how he struggled amid poverty and neglect while striving for his dream, how he succeeded and in turn helps his students who face the same struggles as he did. With Light and Love Home’s financial support, teachers receive stable salary and students are provided with free meal once a week.

Zambia 2017: The benefits of oversea volunteering

Light and Love volunteers visited Ndola, Zambia and experienced leading a simple village life. Listen to what inspiration and lessons they gained.

Stories of our beneficiaries

Read the touching stories of our beneficiaries 



June 21, 2017
Meszose is a 17-year-old girl, whose mother died when she was born and whose father died when she was 7....

News & Updates

May 7, 2024
The Light and Love Home Centre in Ndola now has cleaner water through the installation of new water filters! Also,...

School Sponsorship

August 7, 2022
As the school building project in Zambia begins, workers are starting to clear the land. Though this is very exciting...

School Sponsorship

August 23, 2017
Twelve people from South Africa, Botswana, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Honduras formed the largest team ever to Zambia. We...

August 24, 2015
The school holiday in the Northern hemisphere has commenced! Our teenage volunteers are preparing their volunteer trip in full swing...