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Properly built and installed latrines, along with hygiene education, can improve health for a whole community. This is an unusual, yet practical and truly meaningful gift.

Madagascar 2017: Our Fruit after 20 Years of serving, & Our Outlook for Expansion

After 20 years of charity services in Madagascar, we are looking forward to helping even more people in the future.

Why Madagascar?

Touching stories of why these volunteers chose to go to Madagascar, and what they have accomplished. Please visit for more information.

News & Updates

Light and Love School

July 9, 2017
This year is the 22nd anniversary for our children’s home in Madagascar. From a small beginning, now we have established...

Various Community Services

November 1, 2016
Since Easter, we have held handicraft classes for the parents of the children at our day-care centre. The goal is...

Various Community Services

August 1, 2016
We started a women knitting class in Tamatave. Not only can they learn a skill, but they also have an...

Children Day Care Centre

September 30, 2015
To understand the accomplishments of the Children’s Home in Madagascar and her newly developed day-care centre project, the LLH volunteer...