Visit to Pretoria, South Africa

South Africa is the second stop in our African trip. Volunteers from different countries and regions enriched the inventory of the charity shop in Pretoria with lots of second hand clothing and stationery.
In this trip, we had the opportunity to work with local groups and develop new projects. Our volunteers got to try something new.

1. Sale at the Light and Love Home Charity Shop

The volunteer team helped arrange and sell the goods. Many locals were attracted by the variety and quality of the items on sale. They were glad to buy from us, knowing that the proceeds of the sale go to Light and Love Home’s charity services.

2. Sale in Mamelodi

The Light and Love Home Charity Shop arranged a sale in Mamelodi to benefit the residents there. The locals were thrilled by the incredibly low price (3 for 10 Rand for all items at the sale) and bought happily. They were very pleased with the price and quality of what they have bought.

3. Giving out maize meal

Thanks to local sponsors, we got to hand out 5kg packs of maize meal to locals. Besides giving out food, we invited the residents to our booth for a chat. Through this, Light and Love Home volunteers got to know their needs better and how to plan our future projects. We also got to pray with some of them.

4. Food program and Light and Love Home outreach.

Light and Love Home partnered with SBC, a local NPO, to provide free nutritious meals to the residents. SBC used our community center for their food distribution, while our volunteers danced and exercised with the locals before they got their meal. Our volunteers also performed skits and shared hymns, so that the locals can gain both spiritually and physically.

5. Funfair for children

Our volunteer team from overseas organized funfairs and activities for the children in Mamelodi. The children enjoyed them very much. They dashed out to welcome us whenever they saw our cars.

6. Giving out free stationery

The winter break is over and students are getting ready for school. Light and Love Home prepared “back to school” kits for the children in Mamelodi and encouraged them to study hard.

7. Computer class for young women

The class was set up to encourage young women to involve themselves in the society and return to work. Light and Love Home volunteers guided the women patiently and they enjoyed the fellowship after class. Our volunteers built friendships with them and shared the gospel with them.