The Trip to The Philippines

A team of Asian, European, and American volunteers took part in training and outreach activities in the Philippines last December. Over 60 people of different ages and backgrounds, many of whom meeting one another the first time, got along and worked well together, gaining much valuable experience.

  1. Special Filming
    Volunteers formed different groups and recorded short videos introducing Filipino culture and lifestyle. Through these projects, the team interacted with local students and befriended with one another.
  2. Fun Activities
    Every day during lunch break and after school, we organized various attractive activities for local elementary and high school students. Dancing, ball games, music interest classes are all their favourites.
  3. Gift giving on school holidays
    Overseas volunteers brought a variety of small gifts for the children. Every student who participated at least twice our activities received this little gift. It was indeed joy upon joy for the students.
  4. Gifts for adults
    We prepared special gift packs for the older ones. As expected, these Christmas food gifts were a great success. Besides giving gifts, we had fellowship with the adults because we also cared for their spirits.
  5. Home visits at the village
    Most of our volunteers came from the city and were not used to the life in the village. However, many of them admired the simplicity of the locals’ lifestyle and were inspired by the villagers during home visits.
  6. Nancamarinan Elementary School
    We were invited to visit Nancamarinan Elementary School. The Principal arranged the school marching band to perform for us. Both children and teachers thanked us for organizing activities and having interaction with them. We were all encouraged by the children’s joy and involvement.