Visit to Rajasthan and MP, India

The missionary team visited villages in Rajasthan and MP, India. The team stayed with the villagers to understand their everyday life, their needs and the progress of the various charity projects.

The team stayed under the same roof with the villagers and ate the local food. We were touched by the locals’ hospitality and felt so close to them.

We were treated to fresh milk taken from a dairy farm Light and Love home invested in. The improvement in the villagers’ lives comforted our hearts. Out of the 3 dairy farms we support, one is making good progress, but in the other two, some cows were sick and some died, causing financial loss and grief. We are seeking for new strategies to improve the situation.

The after-school tutoring program and activities are well received by the children, who like the games and snacks. Parents are happy that their children have somewhere to go after school, and that they can improve academically. The children have great needs, so we plan to expand our services in three other villages. This will create employment opportunities for the local university graduates.