Fellowship and Life Skills Training Camp in South Africa

From April 8-16, a team of Light and Love Home volunteers from Canada, the United States, and Hong Kong visited South Africa. Their plan was to have fellowship and life skills training with the local Africans. 29 individuals from different parts of Africa (South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique) traveled a long way in order to join the camp. 

Through the leadership workshops, music, arts and crafts, baking, dancing, and science classes, the participants were equipped with valuable skills.

Generous donors sponsored the camp with 400 5-kg bags of maize meal and 40 towels, and lent us essential items such as 80 blankets, 40 pillows and 40 slippers! 

One of the donors, Su Mei Li said, “I was really happy when I heard that volunteers and participants from all over the world would come to South Africa. I thought about what I could do to contribute since I am a local here. I am happy that I can contribute to this global family.” 

John Kaladeni, a camp participant from Zambia, says: “Light and Love Home has done a lot for me. Since the day I joined the camp, I have received so many gifts. Apart from this, I have also learned to play new instruments such as the ukulele and piano. Thank you for all of your support and bless you.”