About Children Service

Our children programs aim to instill core values that encourage positive attitudes and behaviours in children. Through a variety of academic and interest classes, children gain new skills and learn to positively impact those around them. We provide a nurturing environment where children gain the tools to contribute to a harmonious family and community.

Our Programs

Sunday Classes

Our classes kindles children’s interest to learn and improve their learning attitude and help upgrade their performances. 

Summer Day Camp

We organize camps during long holidays so that children can study and have fun at the same time. 

After School Programs

We meet with our students everyday after school for homework club, interest classes and fellowship. We help them to build a good daily schedule. 

Volunteering & Fundraising

We guide children to participate in community services and fund-raising events to raise their awareness so they can love and care for others. 


Our Latest Activities

We establish long-term partnerships with local communities to provide reliable and cost-effective services that target the needs of their individual communities.

2024 Spring Day Camp

Sunday 123 Social Group

After School Program & Private Tutoring

5G Family & Child

Sunday 123

All Programs are cancelled.

Light and Love Home is closed today due to weather conditions. All programs are cancelled.
Stay warm. Stay safe.