Seniors About Our Senior Services Calling all vibrant seniors and retirees! Join us in creating unforgettable moments through fun activities, companionship, and enriching visits. Let’s nurture the body and mind together, fostering a vibrant community where seniors thrive happily together. Senior Homes Visits Our dedicated volunteers bring joy to seniors in their homes each week. […]


Family About Our Family Services Elevate family life with Light and Love Home! Our family services cater to toddlers, offering enriching programs that stimulate early development. Explore innovative parenting techniques that empower you to become your child’s first teacher. Dive into our welcoming drop-in programs, fostering a supportive community for families to connect and learn […]


Youths Sunday Classes Our classes kindles children’s interest to learn and improve their learning attitude and help upgrade their performances.  Summer Day Camp We organize camps during long holidays so that children can study and have fun at the same time.  After School Programs We meet with our students everyday after school for homework club, […]


Children About Children Service Our children programs aim to instill core values that encourage positive attitudes and behaviours in children. Through a variety of academic and interest classes, children gain new skills and learn to positively impact those around them. We provide a nurturing environment where children gain the tools to contribute to a harmonious […]

All Programs are cancelled.

Light and Love Home is closed today due to weather conditions. All programs are cancelled.
Stay warm. Stay safe.