2019 Let The Children Smile Recap

“This year “Let the Children Smile” fundraiser was an even greater success than last year. We had a
total of 170 participants this year. New this year was the addition of an age 3-5 option; it was
heartwarming to watch these 15 mini-participants complete the 10 obstacle course challenges with their parents support. Stepping out their comfortable lives at home, these children faced the challenges with excitement and nervousness. Some completed the challenges holding their parent hands the whole
time, and all were spurred on by the encouragement of many cheers from the audience.
The seniors did not want to miss out on this chance to do their part for charity. They not only donated
their money, but also participated in the many other events available that day: The game booths, the
yard sale, and the charity dinner and presentation after. One 71-year-old senior even participated in the
obstacle course, too! Whether giving in money or in effort, from young to old, all generously supported
the event.

The charity presentation in the evening melted the hearts of all those who attended. We learned about
the needs of many children around the world and the suffering nobody knows about. It made our
participation and efforts that day all the more meaningful and worthwhile. We also heard the sharing
from Light and Love Home volunteers who have been on the front lines of the charity services. Many
have gone multiple times to the same area. At first, they went just to try something new, and later,
driven by love and care for others, wanting to serve and fill the needy, not just in their material want,
but to be their friends and to let the children smile.

We can do a lot of different things to help them, like food programs and others but I think what we can
do most of all is to share God’s love with them. When I go there, it’s not a just friendship or lending a
helping hand. But I am going to see my family (Winnie Ng volunteered in Zambia and South Africa.)

All Programs are cancelled.

Light and Love Home is closed today due to weather conditions. All programs are cancelled.
Stay warm. Stay safe.