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We provide cost-effective services and programs that benefit our community, from toddlers to seniors.

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October 31, 2021
今年7月1日,加拿大國慶日,光愛—群義工,去到唐人街—間頣老院,將歡樂,關愛,帶給院舍的長者。 中秋佳節,光愛義工們教長者做個簡單的燈籠,睇見婆婆開心的笑容,節日氣氛馬上提升。 光愛中心熟手剪髮義工亦為長者提供剪髪服務,公公婆婆剪個靚髪,精神好的,笑容都唔同。 光愛義工星期六到東區,本拿比區的長者大廈,為長者提供康樂活動,和長者們—同操練眼力,腦力,手力,又開心又有益👍👍

Donation to Fair Haven Homes

April 25, 2020
Light and Love Home donated 60 bottles of hand sanitizers to the seniors at Fair Haven Homes on April 6,...

2020 Blessings Come With Spring Recap

February 14, 2020
On January 26th, 2020, Light and Love Home hosted a funfair, “”Blessings come with Spring””, to celebrate the Lunar New...

2019 Let The Children Smile Recap

August 11, 2019
“This year “Let the Children Smile” fundraiser was an even greater success than last year. We had a total of...

Lunar New Year Party

February 22, 2019
“Our Lunar New Year Party was a great success! Hon. George Heyman, MLA and Coucillor Michael Wiebe of the City...

Fellow in the Ship Highlights

January 4, 2019
“Check out these highlights from our “”Fellow in the Ship”” Seniors Program on Thursdays at Victoria Drive Community Hall! We...