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Volunteer Team visits Myanmar

June 19, 2017

Students in Myanmar had a long holiday in May. A LLH volunteer team of over 50 people visited the Children’s Home in Yangon and attended the opening ceremony of the newly completed Light and Love Community Center. Our team consisted of members from Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Canada. The youngest is only 5 years old, while the eldest 64. Besides Chinese, we also have British Indians. Some are students and some are working group. The team worked well together to bring joy to the children and local residents. Despite the language barrier and time restriction, a group of doctors and nurses from different countries managed to organize 2 health seminars for the residents in the slum area. Performance and interactive activities were added, and over 500 people joined in each of the seminars. moreover, gifts and hygienic products were given to participants.

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