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Volunteer Team in Madagascar

September 30, 2015

To understand the accomplishments of the Children’s Home in Madagascar and her newly developed day-care centre project, the LLH volunteer team comprising of 9 friends from Vancouver, London, South Africa and Botswana visited Madagascar with me. We were greatly impressed that the children grown up in the Children’s Home are now the LLH co-workers. Their brilliant performance of being our interpreters and instructors of the LLH activities encouraged us a lot. The LLH team visited the families of the day-care centre children. The team witnessed the great needs of their families and assured the importance and benefits of the day-care service. The team had a great time with the local kids, singing, dancing and playing together. That is the goal of LLH service! We are not just aiding those in need with materials, but bringing them to enjoy the love and care from God.

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