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Children’s Home Opening Ceremony in Myanmar

October 29, 2015

Myanmar Team A big team of 27 volunteers coming from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vancouver has brought many gifts and tremendous blessings to the new home.

Opening Ceremony Representatives from Light and Love Home and local government officials were invited for ribbon cutting. The home parent led everyone in and offered a tour to the new building.
The children in the home had different performances: younger ones sang and older ones danced. They were all very excited that they could move in to this new place.
Light and Love Home volunteer team also had wonderful performances. Besides singing and dancing, juggling added much joy to the atmosphere. We are thankful, not only because the children now have a new building, but that they have a home.

Fellowship, Games & Interest Class The children were so happy that the team brought them various toys, games and gifts. Despite the language barrier, we showed our love to one another, whether through body language or with the help of interpreters. We have become one family. It was heart-warming to see the new building filled with their laughter and joy.

Community Services Near the children’s home is a temporary housing area in which lived 70,000 poor people. The team visited and talked to the residents to know more about their needs. We realized the challenges in their lives, and that some children cannot go to school due to poverty. Light and Love Home is planning to build a school in hope to help more children.
During the new home’s grand opening, we offered free meals to the local residents to show our hospitality.
Light and Love Home also donated used clothes and rice to the local community. Despite the rain, there was a long line up, and the residents were happy to receive their gifts.

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