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What We Offer is Our Greatest Treasure

Jason ChanVancouver, Canada

May 31, 2017

Nowadays, there are more people who possess more and more. Ironically, there are also fewer and fewer people who can give to others! People have less time to care for others and too many things to worry about, too many pursuits. Material wealth, family satisfaction, a peaceful life—all become wall after wall that hinder us from seeing the needs of the world. Not being able to step into the deep waters outside, slowly, we forget the things that once moved our hearts. Zambia, also known as the Copper Country, is one of the top 5 producers of copper in the world. Yet, it is also one of the world’s poorest countries. Light and Love Home started providing charity services in Ndola, Zambia, since 2010. Not only have these remained stable, but they also have been expanding. From supporting the construction of school dorms and other facilities, to funding teacher salaries, we have gained great praise from the community and teachers there. This year, we will be increasing our support there, constructing new facilities and providing summer classes. A group of Light and love Home volunteers are setting off on self-funded trips to visit these poor villages, hoping to help more poverty-ridden children go to school and improve their lives. Jason, a Light and Love Home volunteer, has been mainly helping to be a liaison and coordinator for the Vancouver LLH’s overseas charity work. He’s been waiting for 4 years, preparing himself and not forgetting that he was once moved to want to join a team to Africa. Today, he has packed up his luggage, with air ticket in hand, finally embarking on a trip to the far-away Zambia to support the charity and gospel work there. He’s leaving his comfortable environment, his wife and kids and joining a team. He desires not only to provide some help to improve people’s lives and families, but, more importantly, to give them the greatest treasures, the love of God.

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