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No longer taking 
life for granted

Tin Wai WanSingapore

May 19, 2017

When I was in Fiji, I had the opportunity to lead the children fellowship. A little boy came every Sunday who didn’t have proper footwear to support his badly deformed feet. From the way he walked, I could see that he faced many difficulties every day, like pain or teasing. The thought of him having to face these challenges for the rest of his life grieved my heart. However, he was always very involved in the fellowship and enjoyed singing hymns, doing handcrafts and playing games. Those seemed to be his happy moments for the week. One time, he stayed with us long after the fellowship had ended and all the children had gone home. We were looking at photo albums. Even though he was in none of the photos, I could see that he was greatly enjoying himself just by sitting beside me and laughing along with me. That was when I realized how important our work is. He needed acceptance and love more than anything else. My trip to Fiji caused me to rethink my life. I used to be someone who was self-centered and pitied myself or bore grudges against others when things didn’t go ‘my way’. But I’ve experienced that the needs of the world are very great. I do not want to be a person that people have to pick up after, nor live a life taking comfort for granted. I need to equip and discipline myself so I can be a greater blessing to the world. What I gained through this trip truly exceeded what I offered.  

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