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Live a simpler, 
happier life

Doreen ToToronto, CanadaFashion Designer

May 22, 2017

My trip to Fiji was my first big trip on my own. In Narrere (a small settlement outside of the capital, Suva) many houses were small and made from metal sheets. Very few of them had electricity and running water. Aside from poor living conditions, I realized that people did not own basic necessities like a kettle, clock, umbrella and a proper pair of shoes. Such things are often taken for granted by the more fortunate ones. Yet the people there could still be happy and take pride in what they have. They welcomed visitors to their homes. After my trip to Fiji, I realize that I do not need a lot to live comfortably. Actually the more I have the more clutter and worries I put into my life. The people in Fiji do not spend hours checking their Facebook, nor do they become anxious when their cell phones are dying or left at home. In the developed world, many people are like that. I admire their simplicity of life and I also want that for myself.

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