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Learned to Open Up Myself

Katy LawVancouver, CanadaFitness Instructor

May 22, 2017

This was my second time volunteering in Cape Town. This time it was winter, and when I first held the children’s hands again in Enkanini, I was surprised to feel their ice cold hands against my warm hands. I know that not many would care to warm their little hands and that not many can provide for them and show them comfort and acceptance. I treasure that the Heavenly Father is the One who cares for us first and is always passionate to hold our little hands, and I also wanted to show my care to the children. Through the English and Math classes and activities, I had a chance to learn how to be their friend and listen to their difficulties. I learned how to open up myself, and to understand their life in their perspective. I am glad that we can pray together and support one another.   katy2 katy3

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