School Sponsorship

Light and Love Home sponsors the construction of the school buildings and administrative expenses such as teachers’ salaries. This gives more resources to village schools and community schools.
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Stories from the field

Light & Love School Sponsorship Program: Zambia Chalubemba Combined School

In Zambia, the school that is sponsored by Light and Love Home, Chalubemba, has expanded from previously a little more than 200 students to now more than 600 students. The grades also expanded from primary school to also include high school grades. The school is trying their best to make different facilities available, such as space for activities and resources for simple games; and they are hoping that friends all over the world can also contribute to support them in building a new school ground, so that they can serve more of the needy students in this area. Help those in need by donating today with zero administration fees! All proceeds go to supporting school building project in Zambia. Donation Link:

Education Sponsorship Beneficiaries – Nepal

Please visit for more information. Hear their stories and see their hope. Light and Love Home’s (Love Light Society in Nepal) Educational Scholarship programs have supported many students in Nepal. After my school level, there was no one to give me scholarship, because the scholarship was only for high school, and in college, there was no one to help me. I just became worried. My mother was also very sad, and I think she was more sad than me because we cannot afford even a small amount of money. Due to this scholarship program, now I can study for a higher level. Now I think that I am coming very near to my aims. I really thank this Love Light Society that it has helped me for my studies and my further aims. After my dad stopped supporting my education, I used to be stressed. I worried if I can complete my study or not. After that I heard news from my uncle that Love Light Society has a scholarship program for high school for higher study. I felt very happy that now my problem is solved and now I can continue in my study. This scholarship not only improved my study, but also now we are very happy in our family. The situation is very different than before. Before we used to cry, but now we can laugh and we can share with each other our happiness. We can now study very well without being stressed.

Stories of our beneficiaries

Read the touching stories of our beneficiaries 



June 21, 2017
Meszose is a 17-year-old girl, whose mother died when she was born and whose father died when she was 7....

News & Updates

Zambia School Building Project Update


August 7, 2022
As the school building project in Zambia begins, workers are starting to clear the land. Though this is very exciting...

Visit to Zambia


August 23, 2017
Twelve people from South Africa, Botswana, USA, Canada, Hong Kong and Honduras formed the largest team ever to Zambia. We...