Children’s Home

To meet the needs of the community, we set up and sponsor Children’s Homes, aiming to help orphans, single-parents and children in extreme poverty. We provide for their daily necessities and access to education, until they reach adulthood, or when their own families become capable of taking care of them.
Countries we are serving:

Stories from the field

Honduras 2012: Touching Stories from the Children’s Home

Meet the Mommy and Pappy in Children’s Home in Honduras, and listen to the stories of children and youths from this home, how they’ve found love and care here.

A Brief History of the Children’s Home in Nepal 2014

A brief history of Light and Love Home’s children’s home in Nepal

Please Listen to My Story – Nepal

Each child in the Children’s Home had their own story. Listen with your heart, and see their changes after meeting us! Please visit for more information.

Stories of our beneficiaries

Read the touching stories of our beneficiaries 

Martha Budha


June 9, 2017
Martha’s family was affected by the internal conflict between Maoist and Government. As a result, the family has to displaced...

Punam Magar


June 9, 2017
Punam lost her father when he went to work in India when she was very young. After the death of...

Manu Lama


June 8, 2017
Manu’s mother died due to cancer. Her father is drunkard and did not take responsibility to care for his children,...

Arpana Gurung


June 8, 2016
When Arpana was about 2 and a half years old, her mother abandoned her and her elder brother. Five days...

News & Updates

10th Anniversary of the Children’s Home in Nepal


November 1, 2016
The Children’s Home celebrated its 10th anniversary during the team’s visit. We thank God for His grace and blessing, and...

Baking Program in Nepal


October 30, 2016
The “Mama” and the “Big Sisters” at the Children’s Home in Nepal are trying hard to learn baking. Not only...

Earthquakes in Nepal


August 13, 2015
The massive earthquakes in Nepal came as a shock to the world. The numerous death and injuries and the destruction...

Expansion Work in Honduras Children’s Home


June 15, 2015
The expansion work in our children’s home was finished! We now have new rooms for English and computer classes.