Update from Tarlac, Philippines

Shelter: We built an 800-square-foot shelter that could provide a place for multipurpose usage. Under the hot sun, kids could play, women could do aerobics, and youth could do projects and many kinds of activities. Our church meeting now has a space 4 times bigger. Before, only 30 to 40 could pack inside like sardines in our 180-square-foot balcony. Now we could enjoy fresh air and a nice breeze during the meeting.

Basketball Court: In the village, there aren’t so many choices for recreation. Basketball is their favorite sport and game. Many youth are attracted to come to our court to play basketball, badminton, volleyball, table tennis, and more. It truly has given them a lot fun times.

Study Centre: Most of the students do not have their own computer; they need to spend money to travel to town in order to use a computer for their projects and homework. Our study center provides free computer services for them, and it is a really great help for their studies.