Nepal Highlights of Nov/Dec 2012

Special Treats for Outstanding Academic Results – Some of the children got special treats for their outstanding results in the 2nd term exams. It helped them to understand that their hard work and achievement is being appreciated and recognized. It also encourages other to do well next time.

Christmas Party – On December 13th, the Lovelight Society family, board members, staff and children celebrated Christmas. Children prepared all the programs and presentations. They presented a Christmas drama, songs and a dance. All the children received special gifts. A token of love was also presented to board members and staff as appreciation for their contribution to Lovelight Society.

Staff Development, Home Management Training – On the 3rd – 4th of December, Children Home Management Training was organized by Children Home Network Nepal in association with Children at Risk Network Nepal and SATHI. Home manager Hanna Bhandari and Chairman, Shanta Bhandari participated in the training. Shanta Bhandari, Chairman of Lovelight Society also facilitated a session on the topic of “Childcare Home Management.”