Baking Training at Love Light Society Children’s Home

We had a recent conversation with Shanta Bhandari, the President of Love Light Society Children’s Home. To all the children, he’s endearingly known as “Papa”. 

Some years ago, the older girls in the home received basic training in baking. But the home did not have proper equipment for the girls to continue baking on a larger scale. The girls were only able to bake some items for those in the home as snacks 

However, recently volunteers from a Singaporean baking academy visited the children’s home. They helped to transform a part of the home into a proper production area, with proper ovens and equipment. They also gave more children formal training in how to bake. After two and a half days of training, the children were able to pass both a practical and theory test successfully. 

Shanta “Papa” says, “We still need more training so we can be more confident and skillful in producing bread that can be sold outside. But now it is possible for us to practice and make that a reality. The hope is to have our own bakery so that it can allow us to generate some income for the children’s home’s expenses. This will also allow our older children to have valuable skills when they need to earn a living.”