Let the Children Smile 2018 Calendar


Features charity programs in Madagascar. Buy 5 get 1 free  

Their Past, Present, and Future


The book contains drawings, true stories of children in Myanmar, Nepal and Malaysia which depict their thinking, lives and dream.

Let the Children Smile 2016 Calendar


All proceed goes to Light and Love Home Worldwide Charity Services.

Please Listen, This is my Story


This book in written in both English and Chinese, with CD.

You & I – The Rich and the Poor


People live under the same sky, in the same world, yet we have extremely different lives and experiences.

Brick Kilns in Kathmandu‚Ä® Photobook


All photos depict the real lives of the brick kiln workers, and all stories tell of their toils and afflictions.

Scenes Remained in 
My Heart Photobook