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Bishwajit Karki

Light and Love Home ScholarshipNepal

May 30, 2017

As I was young, I went through many challenges in my family. It was hard for me to be happy, as my dad always to drink and beat my mum¬ every night. So we left him and we had to move to new place.

After we moved, my mum could not get¬ a¬ better job, as she was uneducated. She had to work as cook and janitor¬ in a company. Her monthly salary was only sufficient to buy food for the family to eat, but we could not afford rent for our house. ¬ The environment to study was not good¬ as there were no lights. However, I worked hard and¬ managed to be the top student of the class.

My school gave me scholarship for being the top¬ of the class every year until Grade 12. Because of this, I have no idea how I can pursue higher studies as my family didn’t have enough money to support me. ¬ I was sad and thought I had no way to continue, so I was planning to just to find a simple job,¬ though I wanted to become a doctor.

At the very moment when I thought my all future dreams would just fade away, I received help from Light and Love Home (LLH).¬ I was very happy. Finally, I could finish my studies thanks¬ to the LLH sponsorship. Now I am working as a Speech Therapist and Audiologist in a clinic and hospital. I can help those patients who can’t hear by providing hearing aids and also help those patients having¬ difficulties speaking.

I feel very honoured and blessed to receive the LLH sponsorship and to be able to serve the society! Give thanks to God and all the sponsors!


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As I was young, I went through many challenges in my family. It was hard for me to be happy, […]