Jun Lester was in grade 7 when he first joined Light and Love Home programs in the Philippines. Like many typical families in the Philippines, his parents were separated. Due to the lack of parental guidance, Jun wasn’t doing well at school. Being ranked the last few in class, he always saw himself useless and lowly.

As a participant of our programs, Jun could access to our free Study Center to use computers and the internet for his studies and school projects. He also participated in our leadership training program and got to meet with other students of good character and motivation. Since then, he has experienced prominent and noticeable changes. Moreover, he began to explore various extracurricular activities and skills learning. He has become a skilful baker and a table-tennis champion for inter-school tournaments. In addition, he can teach Zumba, ukulele, harmonica, photography, etc in his school. Academically, he has become the top student with honours and received multiple awards. He was also elected as a class leader.

On his birthday this year, his parents decided to come together after years of separation. Now, Jun has a complete family. Jun felt that Light and Love Home not only has helped him academically and financially, but also has guided him to know God. This has made him not to give up on himself but to have hope in God and pray for his family. He really gives thanks to Light and Love Home, and more so to God that he could have such great changes in life. Now we see Jun using his knowledge to help others and serve the community. We are very happy for him.