Arpana Gurung

When Arpana was about 2 and a half years old, her mother abandoned her and her elder brother. Five days later, their father took home a stepmother and two daughters of her own. Since then, they lived a rough life. Their stepmother often abused them.

Later, the whole family moved to a brick factory in Kathmandu. It was a very poor environment without electricity and water supply. Their parents had a drinking addiction and did not take care of the family. Arpana€™s brother had to wash dishes in a shop to earn some food for himself and Arpana because they never had enough food. They also begged for food and that was how they came to meet the team of Lovelight Children Home. Afterwards, we visited the brick factory again and found Arpana having a high fever, but no one took care of her. We then brought her and her brother back to the Children€™s Home. Now they can go to school and live in a safe and happy family with many companions.


When Arpana was first brought into children home, she was sick and malnutrition.


After a week, she was a lot more healthier and happier.