Our Affiliates

Our Affiliates Light & Love Affiliates At Light and Love, we work with affiliated organizations around the world to gather resources, visit developing countries, help the poor, care for orphans, and support education. We strive to establish long-term effective services.Through regional coordinators, Light and Love teams maintain close communication, raise funds, support different charity services […]

Our Structure

Our Structure Light and Love Charity Services Administrative Structure

Our Finance

Our Finance 0% Admin Fee Light and Love charity services charge $0 in administrative fees. 100% of the donations are put into charity projects around the world. All thanks to our dedicated volunteers, we are able to bring everything you donate to the needy.   Annual Reports 20 20 Annual Report View Report 20 19 Annual […]

Our Mission

Our Mission Our Mission By the love of Christ, we serve the community, preach the gospel and care for the needy. Together, we build communities that love and help one another. Continue to explore Our Milestones LEARN MORE Our Finance LEARN MORE

Our Milestones

Our Milestones Coming Soon 1996 Philippines Registration of LLH 1996 Fiji Islands Charity Service first provided in Fiji Islands 1997 Madagascar Establishment of LLH 2005 Expansion of LLH global charity work 2005 Nepal Nepal Missionary Team – First Light and Love volunteer team’s visit to the overseas 2007 Nepal Children’s Home in Nepal was established […]