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Charity Work in Myanmar

February 11, 2015

LLH sent donations through volunteers to Kachin State, one of several states experiencing civil war in Myanmar. Hundreds of families received our donations of clothing and blanket, which are what they need the most now. They were so happy and some even received the donations with tears in their eyes. A 60-year-old woman told one of our volunteers, “I have been praying for a blanket for 3 months, as I am so afraid of the cold season. Now God answered my prayer.”

The civil war in Kachin State is becoming worse and worse. The fighting between the government and the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) is growing every day. Villagers from 19 villages have fled to other villages or IDP (internally displaced people) camps. Some places have been blocked off by the government and even NGOs are not allowed to go in to help. We will continue to help with prayers and support.

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